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NetApp IT Perspective: SAP HANA Data Protection Made Better
Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:08:07 AM

By: Rajan Vaidheeswaran

All IT organizations understand the downside of downtime. Users expect availability and consistent performance levels 24/7, even in the face of ever-increasing volumes of data. As a result, backup time windows are shrinking, while the amount of data to be backed up is increasing.

NetApp IT upgraded their SAP customer relationship management (CRM) system on-premises landscape in late 2018. Our top concerns were minimizing downtime, ensuring speedy backups, safeguarding against disasters, and provisioning test and production systems quickly with production data. The team chose NetApp® SnapCenter®, a user-friendly data protection solution that encompasses NetApp Snapshot™, NetApp SnapMirror®, and NetApp SnapVault® technologies.

NetApp SnapCenter integrates with SAP HANA databases through plug-ins to deliver data protection and flexible provisioning of SAP environments. It provides critical functions such as scheduling and managing backups, cloning a subproduction environment with production data, and testing disaster recovery without affecting system availability and performance.

In the latest NetApp on NetApp white paper, the IT team responsible for the SnapCenter integration effort shares the breadth of NetApp IT’s SAP CRM system. We describe backup and recovery solutions, success stories, and backup architecture, as well as things to consider as you select the best solution for your environment. Click to read this free white paper.

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