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NetApp AFF C-Series Systems
Leading the way to a cloud-connected all-flash data center

NetApp Data Storage

NetApp AFF C-Series is Capacity Flash Storage

NetApp® AFF C-Series systems make all-flash more accessible with the lowest entry capacity for unified storage, meaning less money out of your pocket. Modernize your data center with these capacity-optimized, all-flash systems with native cloud integration.

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AFF C Series Products

AFF C800

For More demanding workloads requiring moderately high performance and high capacity

AFF C400

For Most enterprise applications that require best balance of performance and capacity

AFF C250

For Mid-size business and enterprises that require simplicity and best value

Sustainable flash technology

  • Trust your security: The only enterprise storage vendor validated to store top-secret data.

  • Simplify scaling: Remove silos by scaling out in a cluster nondisruptively with just the right mix of performance flash, capacity flash, and hybrid flash.

  • Save the planet: Reduce rack space by up to 95% and power and cooling costs by up to 85%.


Reduce energy consumption and achieve your carbon footprint reduction goals.


Expand capacity and eliminate storage silos with non-disruptive scale-out in a cluster. Deploy and move workloads with the ultimate flexibility.


Safeguard against threats like ransomware and get built-in, application-consistent data protection.

Key Benefits of Choosing the C-Series

Reduce TCO and energy costs while simplifying operations.

  • Save up to 95% of rack space and up to 85% of power and cooling cost over hybrid flash storage.
  • Reduce cost with guaranteed storage efficiency
  • Realize even greater savings by tiering cold data to the cloud easily

Scale capacity and performance painlessly as your data grows.

  • Expand capacity with nondisruptive scaling in a cluster without silos or data migration.
  • Manage data with the ultimate flexibility of unified support across different storage media and protocols, on premises or in the cloud.
  • Scale performance with technology innovations of NVMe/FC and NVMe/TCP connectivity.

Keep important data secure, available, and protected.

  • Safeguard your data with best-in-class data security and ransomware protection.
  • Simplify backup and recovery with built-in application-consistent data protection.
  • Achieve business continuity and fast disaster recovery with zero data loss and zero downtime.

AFF C-Series Technical Specifications

The AFF C-Series all-flash systems are ideal for tier 1 and tier 2 workloads while also delivering better performance than disks. Find out which model is the best fit for your requirements.

AFF C800 AFF C400 AFF C250
Best for More demanding workloads requiring moderately high performance and high capacity Most enterprise applications that require best balance of performance and capacity Mid-size business and enterprises that require simplicity and best value
Maximum scale-out 24 nodes 24 nodes 24 nodes
Raw capacity 182TB-2.2PB 122TB-1.46PB 122-734TB
Max Effective Capacity 176PB 71PB 35PB
Controller Chassis Form Factor 4U; 48 internal SSD slots 4U 2U; 24 internal SSD slots
Power Consumption (Median) 1463W 1240W (with NS224) 491W

Our Guarantees:

Guaranteed Storage Efficiency

AFF systems deliver better effective capacity for any workload, backed by our Storage Efficiency Guarantee.

Guaranteed Ransomware Recovery

Your data is your most valuable asset. Trust NetApp to protect your data from ransomware attacks. If we can’t help you recover your data in the event of a ransomware attack, we will make it right.

Software features

Category Features
Data Access Protocols
High Availability
  • Active-active controller architecture
  • Nondisruptive maintenance, upgrade and scale-out clustering
  • Multi-site resiliency for continuous data access
Storage Efficiency
  • Online data compression, deduplication and compaction
  • Space-efficient LUN, file and volume cloning
  • Automatic data tiering
Data Management
  • Intuitive onboard GUI, REST APIs and automation integration
  • AI-informed predictive analytics and corrective action
  • Quality of Service (QoS) workload control
  • Easily provision and manage data from market-leading host operating systems, hypervisors and application software
Scalable NAS
  • Large-scale single namespace management with local and remote caching
Data Protection
  • Application-consistent Snapshot® copies and restore
  • Integrated remote backup/disaster recovery
  • Synchronous zero data loss replication
  • Tamper-proof Snapshots
  • Business continuity across sites
Security and Compliance
  • Autonomous ransomware protection
  • Multifactor admin access
  • Secure multitenant shared storage
  • In-flight and data at-rest encryption
  • Regulatory compliant data retention
  • Multi-admin verification before executing sensitive commands
Cloud Integration
  • Seamlessly tier, backup, replicate, cache data to private and public clouds
  • Move data between major public cloud services

Simplify your storage journey:

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Cloud tiering

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