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NetApp Snap Creator Framework
Unified Data protection Platform for Multiple Applications, Databases, and Operating Systems

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NetApp Snap Creator Framework
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Key Point

  • Gain application-consistent data backup and protection.
  • Adapt to changing business needs.
  • Extend NetApp data storage management into your existing applications.
  • Choose from an array of plug-ins for major applications and operating systems.
  • Get cloud ready.

OS-independent Snap Creator Framework integrates NetApp data protection with a broad range of third-party applications.

NetApp Snap Creator Framework lets you standardize and simplify backup, restore, and DR in any environment. It’s a unified data protection solution for standard and custom applications.

Snap Creator plug-ins integrate NetApp features with third-party applications, operating systems, and databases, including Oracle, VMware, Citrix Xen, Red Hat KVM, DB2, Lotus Domino, MySQL, Sybase ASE, and MaxDB. Snap Creator also accommodates custom plug-ins and has an active developer community.

The Snap Creator Framework provides: 

NetApp Professional Services experts have real-world expertise in using Snap Creator to meet key business requirements with minimal impact on operations.

Achieve Application-Consistent Data Protection

Protecting and managing data generated by enterprise applications and databases are complex tasks. Enterprises often have unique business needs that result in additional development costs for writing custom scripts to safeguard information and meet both company and government-mandated compliance requirements. Customized scripts are prone to error and can be challenging to maintain. NetApp Snap Creator Framework addresses the challenges that administrators and developers face by providing a centralized and consistent solution for backing up critical information. This solution integrates seamlessly with existing application environments for consistent data backup and recovery in both virtualized and nonvirtualized environments.

Standardize and Simplify with NetApp Snap Creator Framework

Standardize and simplify your backup, restore, and disaster recovery tasks in any environment by using NetApp Snap Creator Framework. This software provides a single data-protection solution for one or many applications, whether they are standard off-the-shelf or custom-developed applications.

Meet Changing Business Needs Efficiently and Cost Effectively

Most products support a single application or are limited to a few applications. Snap Creator Framework can scale to support large enterprise environments of more than 1,000 agents (1,000 applications and databases), allowing the user to manage the entire environment cost effectively from a single pane of glass. This solution comes with a number of prepackaged supported plug-ins, enabling easy backup of applications and databases on any NetApp storage. The active Snap Creator community is a source for additional plug-ins and for information about developing customized plug-ins. Flexible and easily customized, Snap Creator is designed to meet the needs of your unique environment.

Become Cloud Ready

Snap Creator Framework reduces the complexity of unique business processes and the development and management of scripts, helping you to make your backup, restore, and disaster recovery tasks more agile. This solution also provides automation, which serves as a building block for cloud environments. By implementing just one framework on multiple operating systems or virtual machine platforms, the administrator can apply standard backup and restore workflows to any application across the data center. The software also offers role-based access control that allows the cloud administrator to delegate and assign roles and permissions to help users perform their jobs better.

Snap Creator Framework helps IT work as a service while saving time, resources, and money.

NetApp Snap Creator Framework data protection architecture.
NetApp Snap Creator Framework data protection architecture.

Snap Creator Framework Standard Features

NetApp and Partner Professional Services Enable Success

NetApp and partner community consultants can provide expert advice for a data protection solution design before you embark on a Snap Creator implementation project. Our experts have enterprise storage architecture expertise and can create a comprehensive backup, recovery, and disaster recovery strategy that meets your archival and compliance needs. Then, with our real-world experience in using NetApp Snap Creator Framework and any required custom module development, we can implement a solution that minimizes operational impact and maximizes the efficiency of your own organization. Use NetApp or partner services to plan and deploy a data protection solution that addresses your unique and varied challenges, and reap the benefits of Snap Creator Framework in a NetApp storage infrastructure.


Download the NetApp Snap Creator Framework Datasheet (.PDF)