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NetApp SnapVault
Fast, Reliable Disk-to-Disk Backup

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Key Point

  • Shorten backup times to minutes with block-level incremental backups.
  • Create fast and simple restores with many recovery points and options.
  • Achieve higher backup reliability while reducing reliance on tape.
  • Reduce bandwidth and disk usage with storage-efficient backups.
  • Manage petabytes of data via NetApp or third-party backup management tools.

Protect more data in less time

Enterprise data backups take too long. They can be unreliable and time-consuming to manage. They also require considerable investment in network, server, and hardware infrastructure. Meanwhile, data volumes keep growing, and backup windows keep shrinking.

Back up and restore in minutes and reduce storage requirements by using NetApp SnapVault disk-to-disk backup software.

Make data backup and recovery fast and simple. NetApp SnapVault software uses block-level incremental replication and NetApp Snapshot copies to provide reliable, low-overhead disk-to-disk (D2D) backup. SnapVault efficient data protection works by copying only the data blocks that have changed since the last backup, instead of entire files. By not moving or storing redundant data, you can back up more often while reducing your storage footprint.

The SnapVault backup solution is part of the NetApp integrated data protection approach for creating a flexible and efficient shared IT infrastructure. Tame data growth. Simplify your adoption of virtualization. Streamline the management of up to petabytes of data.

Direct backups between NetApp systems minimize the need for external infrastructure and appliances. Increase your application availability with our industry-leading ability to failover to a Snapshot copy.

Key Benefits

  • Disk-to-Disk Backup
    Get highly efficient, point-in-time backup copies from a solution fully integrated with NetApp Data ONTAP, Snapshot, and FAS deduplication.
  • Faster Backup and Recovery
    Reduce backup times to minutes, even for petabytes of data. Native format backups enable end-user restore and provide fast application and virtual machine recovery, including industryleading capability to failover to a local Snapshot copy.
  • Smaller Backup Footprint
    Transfer only new or changed blocks, compressed to minimize network traffic. Deduplication reduces storage requirements by up to 90% in virtualized environments.
  • Multiuse Backup Copies
    Use SnapVault backup copies for development, testing, discovery, reporting, compliance, and cloning.

Replication-based D2D backup with NetApp SnapVault

SnapVault helps you respond with replication-based disk-to-disk backup. With SnapVault, your backups finish in minutes instead of hours or days. You can keep weeks, months, or years of backups online, all while your disk capacity requirements are reduced up to 90% in virtualized environments. Based on Snapshot point in time copies, each backup is block-level incremental but represents a full backup from a restore perspective. Only the new or changed blocks are added to the secondary backup, saving you bandwidth and reducing your backup storage needs. Because your backups are in native format, you can restore in minutes, unlike dedicated backup appliances that put your data into a proprietary backup format.

Immediate failover to a selected Snapshot copy

If you need to recover an entire application quickly, you can fail over to a selected Snapshot copy (that is, use in place), instead of performing a typical recovery process (such as copy and restore). SnapVault increases application or database availability for high-profile deployments with this industry-leading failover capability.

Solution Integration

SnapVault is fully integrated with the NetApp Data ONTAP storage operating systems, including the FAS storage line and third-party storage virtualized with NetApp FlexArray software. As a result, SnapVault requires no external servers and eliminates backup performance bottlenecks. SnapVault extends the value of on-array NetApp Snapshot copies by turning them into long-term backup copies. These are stored in native format, so you can easily drag and drop to restore files much faster than with traditional backup methods.

Integration with key applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL Server; Oracle; SAP; and virtual infrastructure allows fast, application-consistent recoveries. SnapVault can leverage FAS deduplication to shrink the backup footprint. Unlike other solutions, SnapVault copies can also be leveraged for testing, development, e-discovery, and reporting with no impact to your operations—or they can be replicated by using NetApp SnapMirror technology for disaster recovery.

Efficient data protection with SnapVault.
Efficient data protection with SnapVault.
SnapVault backs up a primary FAS system to a secondary FAS system. NetApp SnapProtect or OnCommand software coordinates all replication-based data protection operations.

Policy-Driven Centralized Management

NetApp offers customers a choice for managing their data protection workflows. They can use either NetApp tools or their existing backup applications from leading backup management vendors. NetApp SnapProtect management software is a virtualization- and application-aware backup management solution that controls and catalogs Snapshot copies, SnapVault backups, and tape operations from a single console. Your company can implement D2T, D2D, and D2D2T solutions as necessary.

NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager provides centralized monitoring and management of data protection processes and relationships, including SnapVault and SnapMirror. In addition, with OnCommand Unified Manager, you can set up protection relationships, perform failover and failback, and resolve job failures and lag issues.

NetApp recognizes that many customers have significant investments in their existing backup and recovery solutions. Through our partner integrations, you can manage NetApp Snapshot copies and SnapVault replication directly from your third-party backup applications. This helps you solve your backup challenges by leveraging your existing investments.

Lower Total Cost of Backup

SnapVault disk-to-disk backups can reduce backup times, minimize storage and network requirements, increase reliability, and reduce tape overhead. Multiple SnapVault source systems can back up to a single secondary system to centralize backup operations and resources. SnapVault can also eliminate the need for additional investment in backup infrastructure and dedicated deduplication appliances. You can cut bandwidth needs by up to 70% with native SnapVault network compression. The analyst firm Oliver Wyman has shown that these benefits can combine to reduce overall backup costs by up to 63% over traditional tape environments.

SnapVault can:

  • Reduce your total cost of backup
  • Provide faster application, virtual machine, or user-driven file restores
  • Centralize data center and remote office backups
  • Reduce or eliminate tape